FOMO Moments

Markets still climbing as the week ends, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Cardano performing well.

As we round out the week in crypto land markets are back up again. The cycle has repeated so expect a dump on Sunday or Monday. Current total capitalization is back over $220 billion as the altcoins lead the rebound.

Bitcoin has made 2.6% on the day to trade at just below $6,700. BTC has been oscillating between $6,400 and $6,800 for most of September with no real momentum coming to take it above $7,000. Ethereum has fared a little better during Asian trading today with a 5% climb to just below $230. ETH is still extremely weak having lost all gains it has made over the past year.

Altcoins are generally pretty green today with most of them making gains. In the top ten Litecoin is the leader with an 8.5% jump to $63 following more support for the Litecoin Lightning Network. Litecoin has made over 11% since last Friday and trade volume has doubled to $600 million over the past 24 hours.

Following LTC are Bitcoin Cash and Cardano both rising over 6% on the day to $562 and $0.085 respectively. The rest have made around 3-4 percent on the day. Looking at the top twenty Tron and Zcash are all adding 5-6 percent to their price levels at the moment while Neo grabs over 8%. The rest are rising 2-4 percent, all except Tezos which is the only altcoin in the red in the top 35, XTZ has fallen back 3% on the day.

The biggest pump in the top one hundred at the moment is Eternal Token shooting up 65% to $2.12. This appears to be a fomo-driven splurge that is likely to come down as quickly as it went up. Electroneum is also performing well today with a 40% pump with GXChain and Emercoin both making around 20%. There are no big dumpers today, just Steem, Tezos and Aurora losing 2-4 percent.

Total crypto market capitalization has added 3.3% over the past 24 hours to bring it to $223 billion. Trade volume has nudged up a touch to $16 billion and since last Friday markets are up 5%. Bitcoin dominance is slipping back towards 50% as altcoins have made better gains this week. Crypto markets are back at the same level they were at this time last month.

FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.

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