BUGIS, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2022 / The need for a revolution in the fan community has never been more important for Sports teams. It’s accelerating the drive for digitization and is leading to the mass adoption of blockchain solutions. By 2022, we envision a world where the sport is defined not only by games, teams, and tournaments but also by massive interaction and influence from the fan community. Our goal is to drive the trend and make it happen through radically interactive optimization technology and the Fandora platform that will make this possible.

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The current sports environment only offers a traditional ‘Contact’ channel such as email for fans. Paying fans buy exclusive products from the club and watch their favorite team perform, but they do so passively. Like traditional models, such actions do not create influence or interaction with their favorite team or athletes. Because all that action stops at passive observation.

Sports “crowd control” tools are capable of giving fans Voting Power to make strategic and management decisions for their favorite teams. Any tournament, any team, and any game will be realized using blockchain’s transparent and authentic technology.

With Fandora, fans can become micro-managers for each sports club, and sports team – the manager of any entity (teams, leagues, and events) in the ecosystem Fandora, meanwhile, in contrast to teams and leagues, can easily raise capital from fans by exchanging management rights for the crowd.

The Fandora platform, built on the FAN governance token – will create a transparent environment that helps Sports fans gain their voting power, participate in business direction and make big decisions for their favorite professional sports teams. This is done through scalable dApps on Fandora, blockchain technology, and digital ownership. Thereby creating a digital asset transaction infrastructure deployed through smart contracts in a safe and reliable way on the Fandora platform.

The Fandora blockchain solution turns team management into a gamified proposition, voting with financial products, using NFT as membership, and earning governance tokens by contributing to the community. This can be called a ‘club management’ experience – any fan voting decisions or on-chain action will directly affect teams, clubs, and competitions within the real world.

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