US rap artist Soulja Boy has paid homage to the world’s most popular cryptocurrency on his latest record. The track, simply titled “Bitcoin”, features on the chart topper’s fourth album, Young Drako, which was released earlier today.

Soulja Boy Might be Bitcoin’s Biggest Advertiser Yet

With increasing numbers of notable references occurring across all entertainment mediums, bitcoin continues to move rapidly towards permanence within the popular culture of today and tomorrow. However, unlike earlier name-checks which focused on dark web criminality or tech-geeks, or were met with general mind bogglement, the latest mention is a rather more positive, if a little one dimensional, appraisal.

“Bitcoin” is the fourth track from chart-topping US rapper Soulja Boy’s fourth studio album, Young Drako. The record dropped Thursday and is being released by labels SODMG Records and Palm Tree Entertainment.

In terms of lyrical content, the track is pretty basic. As you might have suspected, Soulja Boy steers clear of some of the more complex socio-political and philosophical ideas surrounding bitcoin and instead focuses purely on the financial side of things. He’s unashamed in his admittance that he’s not here for the tech:

“I made a hundred racks off of bitcoin. You can catch me running up the bitcoin.”

During the lyrics of “Bitcoin”, Paypal is mentioned completely inexplicably, before CashApp. It would probably have been hoping for a little too much for bars referencing transactions on the blockchain and the importance protecting your private key. Cyber security obviously isn’t as appealing to the girlfriends Soulja Boy plans to lure with his new-found tech-savviness and/or wealth.

The rapper also discloses his entry point into the bitcoin market which, compared with today’s prices, looks like he managed to get himself a pretty good deal:

“I spent 6,000 on the bitcoin.”

That said, the track would have probably had a very different feel if the hook was, “I spent 17,000 on the bitcoin.”

Soulja Boy isn’t the only mainstream rapper to have name-checked bitcoin in 2018. Last month, multi Grammy award-winning performer Eminem referenced the cryptocurrency on “Not Alike”, which featured on the artist’s latest album Kamikaze. 

“Remember everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin.”

Of course, none these musical references can compare to those coming from Japan at the heights of bitcoin mania last winter. Kasotsuka Shojo are, or perhaps were, an eight-strong J-pop band. Each member represents one of the leading cryptocurrencies. Amongst them is bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, NEM, and XRP. Their first track was titled, “The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me.” Unfortunately, NewsBTC was unable to track down the whereabouts of Kasotsuka Shojo in time for publication.

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