TechPay - The World’s Latest Fastest Blockchain & Payment Gateway To Launch "Photon"

The latest open-source blockchain platform, TechPay is soon going to launch “Photon”, the world’s fastest blockchain. They will also be launching a payment gateway using blockchain technology to make crypto transactions easy and real-time.

Based on practical Byzentine Fault Tolerance Technology and Proof-Of-Stake consensus protocol, the TechPay blockchain would process more than 300,000 transactions per second. Along with a minimum of 1-3 seconds of transaction finality and also a very low rate of latency.

TechPay, the brainchild of The TechPay Foundation, is the latest open-source blockchain platform. The technologically-rich platform ensures scalability, decentralization, and full-proof security to create an overt system.

Poor network connectivity can have a grave impact on a data centre. Whether it is collecting information, moving big amounts of data, or storing mission-critical operational data, latency in the network accompanied by human error can bring down performance. This is when solution-oriented service providers such as TechPay Network Management Solutions can make a huge difference.

TechPay also has quite a leaderless architecture that makes it possible to not only validate its transactions with more certainty. It also makes the transactions on TechPay securer and more environment-friendly.

Using, remixing, and customizing blocks created on TechPay makes it the ultimate open-source blockchain platform indeed. By encouraging developers to submit any pull requests along with code changes to help draw excellent collaborations.

The full-service blockchain solution, TechPay makes the go-to platform for most crypto payments with its pBFT-based consensus platform. With the implementation of protocols in order to create a more efficient and connected future. With an aim to improve the quality of lives of people by helping them utilize technological advancements anytime anywhere.

TechPay Network Management Solutions is basically a network of TechPay, the world’s fastest blockchain and payment gateway platform that helps improve business processes like poor performance and traffic congestion in the best way possible, irrespective of the size of the organization.

What makes TechPay different from other blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is the fact that TechPay uses a different consensus mechanism. While Bitcoin and Ethereum use the Proof-Of-Work mechanism that is more centralized, TechPay uses Proof-Of-Stake, a more decentralized consensus mechanism.

TechPay also provides rewards to their users when they lend their tokens to decentralized finance Dapps. Users can simply start earning through TechPay by staking and also withdraw their money easily at no cost. They can earn inclusive, flexible, and security rewards by sustainable and long-lasting Fluid Rewards. The best part is that TechPay does not even have any minimum or maximum stake amount.

TechPay is surely taking the digital revolution to the next level through innovations that would support better payment infrastructure. Their simply secure, highly scalable, and instantaneous transfers with no cost at all.

The TechPay Foundation is a dedicated non-profit organization that strives to aid people by bringing out innovative technologies that make life easy for them. By building accessible technologies with interests of various personals such as researchers and entrepreneurs in mind.

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