LONDON, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bringing something new to the cryptocurrency space isn’t easy, with countless projects launching every day, boasting both exciting concepts and mysterious promises. Fueled by enthusiasm and innovation, cryptocurrency is experiencing lightning-speed growth and adoption from everyday people, making it a prime target for predatory behavior. Sailing in a sea of anonymized projects pushing speculative endeavors, one startup aims to bring a new face to DeFi and steer the trends in an ethical and transparent direction.

EG Global, a crypto startup capitalizing on the power of internet culture for social impact, has forged a path to bring philanthropic action to the blockchain while providing incentives to earn – ll powered by the EG Token and the community behind it. The concept is simple: earn and give. They’ve already proven the concept by accumulating nearly 500,000 holders of the token, donating over $3.7 million to charity, forging partnerships with reputable NGOs such as Children International, EB Research Partnership, and Action Against Hunger, and sponsoring philanthropic events with Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Holland.

They’re not stopping there. They’ve announced Spark: a new approach to social media, utilizing DeFi to bring an innovative engage-to-earn system with philanthropic incentives. Users add value to the platform through engagement that elevates positive quality content, and creators are rewarded fairly for their efforts. This app is currently in development, with some early influencers already on-board and an early beta aimed for release in Q4 of 2022.

In the short-term, blockchain philanthropy enthusiasts are looking forward to the Gator Gang NFT collection. In a world of so many anonymous NFT projects and distrust of both the social and environmental impacts of these projects, the EG Global team is proud to make ethics and philanthropy front-and-center.  Boasting low gas fees and an affordable entry price backed by a carbon-negative startup, the community-focused collection will bring exclusive perks and rewards to each Gator Gang member, acting as a membership card within the EG ecosystem. Each unique NFT will grant its holder access to future product betas, multipliers to in-app Spark rewards, and access to all future NFT releases, along with special roles and channel access within the Elongate Discord.

The whitelist is currently open, and it’s filling up fast. Secure your spot in this exclusive collection at

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