During the last decade, explainer videos have become a common practice. Since the last couple of years, they have gained popularity and become a highly effective marketing tool for tech companies and startups. Social media marketing is the perfect tool to attract web visitors from social media platforms. Videos make it easy for a crypto and blockchain company to inform its target audience about the key benefits and features of its products and services through the use of its websites. 

Animated marketing videos provide a good return on investment and are cost-effective. It contributes to effortless content consumption for the audience. There are a number of reasons why your business marketing plan should incorporate this strategy. Explainer videos offer a variety of benefits that ensure you get the most from your budget and get an outstanding result. So, explainer videos are one of the best ways to explain blockchain and crypto. Here are some reasons why every small business organization needs an intro or explainer video for crypto & blockchain:

Tell Your Business Story in Seconds

A picture or video is worth a thousand words, as you have probably heard many times before. This is a completely true statement when used properly. New technologies, such as blockchain, crypto, etc., have emerged nowadays. In addition, if you conduct a search on crypto and blockchain technology, you will discover that the most popular search terms on Google are “How does crypto and blockchain work?” or “What is blockchain?” and “What is crypto?” 

Imagine being able to convey thousands of words and impressions about your crypto and blockchain business or ICO in just a few seconds. Your brain doesn’t need to gear up too much for that. It is very simple and straightforward to explain what your company does through crypto and blockchain explanation videos.

With an introduction video, you can simplify complicated concepts into clear, engaging concepts that customers and investors can grasp easily. There is no escaping the fact that crypto and blockchain are new technologies for most people. The difficulties can arise when explaining it to others in text or pictures. An explainer video in 60 seconds can help people better understand.

Get the best online video editor for making explainer videos for crypto and blockchain. You should create your video from scratch to match your brand, your needs, and your target audience!

Get Your Website More Exposure Online

According to statistics, viewers take 50 seconds to decide whether they like the website page or not. So, including a video showcasing crypto and blockchain technology in your content would help to promote your content in a much better way. It has been proved that explainer videos are the most effective visual aid for attracting visitors to a site. A video increases engagement more than text that is often overlooked or skimmed by your site visitors. You can increase the length of time spent on your website by fivefold with an explainer video, including comments, sharing, and decision making.

Crypto and Blockchain Explainer Video Is Good for SEO and Google Presence

YouTube is owned by Google, as many of us are aware. The site has become the largest video hosting site on the planet. In addition to ranking in the top 10 globally, the site is also the most popular across all websites. On the search engine result page for any query that you type into Google, at least one YouTube video will appear. Additionally, in an effort to increase user engagement with YouTube, Google displays YouTube videos at the top of search results.

You can go and check Google for “crypto and blockchain videos,” and you will see how much YouTube presence this topic has.


Every crypto and blockchain company needs a strong brand awareness strategy to stand out because new technology is hard to accept. By using videos, “new” soon becomes “old friend.” Brand visibility can be increased by using a video explainer. Visuals that are engaging and unique help you reach your target audience. The right audience will also promote your brand on your behalf if you approach them the right way. Think of the viral effect a passionate brand promoter could deliver in this way.

Grow Your Conversions

Every startup faces a daunting experience when it comes to starting with crypto and blockchain technology. Successful businesses succeed by converting consumers. Blockchain and crypto videos help to increase conversion rates. Videos that introduce crypto and blockchain technology or explain how it works can grow conversions by many manifolds.

If People Understand, They Buy

People fear and stay away from things they don’t understand. Break down the process into simple ideas to teach your audience. This will result in trust and conversion. Crypto is like any other means of value. It needs to be recognized and accepted by the people to become a stable form of value for a long time. It is simple and clear to understand the working of blockchain and crypto. You can make your customers digest complex ideas in an engaging way through explainer videos by breaking them down into easy-to-understand concepts.

Video tips for creating Crypto & Blockchain explainer videos

1. Plan your ICO announcement in conjunction with your crypto and blockchain explainer video by working with your marketing department. It will be easier to share the information, and you will save on costs by producing a video that can be customized. 

2. Always ask for examples of past projects from video production companies. Make sure the company you go with has plenty of experience and compares prices. 

3. Ahead of time, find out what agencies are available. Just to be safe and ensure they have enough time to create good work, you should allow at least eight weeks for a video to be completed. Make sure your video is fully completed before you appear before investors in an investor pitch!

4. An explainer video about crypto and blockchain is typically mistaken for having to be futuristic and tech-heavy in design. Style should revolve around what your target audience appreciates the most. 

5. Is it a good idea to have my crypto and blockchain video translated into different languages? Definitely. But not always. While English is a universal language, making videos in multiple languages would complement the marketing and promotion efforts already carried out in multiple languages. Be prepared for an additional cost per language.

6. Invest in a professional video creation company and budget for marketing to fit what can be afforded. There is too much at stake in this area for you to waste your time and money. 


In order to convey the main message of crypto and blockchain technology effectively, videos introducing the technology should be brief and precise. Adding lots of information to a video can make it boring for viewers. Video marketing presentations, ICO announcements, and explainer videos for landing pages are just some of the ways crypto and blockchain product videos can be used. They can also be placed on homepages and even used as ICO announcements. Moreover, your video can be distributed via social media networks like Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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